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Beta Boyfriend

18+ ONLY! Original Captions and the occasional story. A naive and spineless "beta boyfriend" will do ANYTHING to earn the love and respect of his girlfriend and to keep her happy no matter what the cost. That is, he'll do anything EXCEPT grow a pair and stand up for himself. Knowing this full well, the smart girlfriend will play hard to get and will have a LOT of fun exploiting her boyfriends weaknesses...

Trying something new! This is just a teaser, but I'll show more in the future...

Erm...or rather... I guess I'll be showing less. Anyways, it's a long, hard process. More big things to come! 

"With what?! My cock cage?" I think to myself while continuing to skim the pool next to my girlfriend floating in a pool raft. 

"WELL?!" She insists. 

She kept closing her eyes wishing that I would have a "real" cock. Every time she opened her eyes she would swat my little piss straw with that damn wand!

I REALLY have to beg to get out of this cage. She looks amused at my attempt...

Every morning she woke me up bright and early. With a smile that cute, it was hard to be mad at her. Besides, lots of guys would probably love to be woken up by their girlfriend when her pants are around her ankles. However, unlike the morning routine for most couples, the crack of dawn meant that my face was going in her crack until she was satisfied...

Her dick sucking lips were locked around this assholes cock and he was acting as if we're friends or something. She was looking for me to give my approval though so I had to play along.

"Uh, yeah. Well, she looks like she's having a great time..."

Dammit! It's not enough that I'm locked in a cock cage; now she thinks it's funny to make me pleasure her while she taps my cage with her heels. 

I accidentally left my laptop open on the coffee table when I left the house to go get lunch. I come back home to find that my girlfriend was showing one of her friends what I was up to earlier this morning. "Care to explain yourself, hun?" My girlfriend asks as she turns the laptop around so everyone can see what I was watching."I, um..." I stammered as I turned beet red at my girlfriend's discovery."For ONCE, I let you out of the cage and already you're too distracted to do your chores around here." She added while her friend giggled at my predicament. "Why don't you go pour us some drinks and bring us lunch while Faye and I discuss what I should do with you..." 

My short white dick didn't like the way the wind was blowing, but my southern belle's tight pussy sure seemed to enjoy it. 

I headed over to the golf course to pick up my girlfriend and found her out on the green of the 18th hole next to the clubhouse. I ran out to see what was going on even though it was quite obvious. Her lover explained the deal she made while he continued fucking her face and I was genuinely confused for a moment...

"She's never played a round of golf in her life! Why would she bet that she coul - OH, I GET IT! She wanted to lose..."